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To the home of the best hot dog in the world!


At Rollover, we aim to bring you some of the most exciting and tasty hot food and snacks wherever you are.


We are the UK’s leading hot dog supplier offering a full range of free-on-loan equipment and a range of food to go products including: hot dogs, gourmet dogs, burgers, popcorn and nachos.


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The Rollover concept was a great addition to our store: the impact on sales was immediate. We sold 500 hot dogs in the first 3 weeks and sales are still high. The machine is small and the staff like it as it’s really simple to use. I would recommend this concept.

Booker Jimmy’s Store, Northampton


The Benefits…

We offer a unique system that creates a great source of extra profit for your business!


A range of FREE-ON-LOAN Equipment
Fantastic rate of sale
Incredibly low wastage
All day availability
Simple to operate with full training provided
National Distribution



Your Profits…

Use our profit calculator below to see how much you could be earning!

Just fill in how many hot dogs you think you could sell per day and the RSP and we’ll do the math for you!




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