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Meet the Rollover team!

Who we are.


Although we are a nationwide company, that doesn’t mean we’ve lost that personal service!


Our core team deal with each customer on a personal level, and no matter whether you have one steamer, or 1000 units across the country, you will receive the same dedicated personal service.


We see each of our resellers as a part of Rollover, rather than simply as a customer, and we are always here to help.





Favourite Hot Dog: for me it has to be loaded with chilli & cheese. 


Downtime: watching movies, cycling with the kids and I love cooking for friends – not exactly masterchef but not bad!


Favourite holiday: I toured around the Galapagos Islands on a small boat many many years ago. The ultimate destination for any nature lover.



Favourite Hot Dog: The Diamond Dog served in a brioche bun with gherkins and enjoyed at the movies!


Downtime: Tennis, surfing, walking, exploring new cities, listening to music (Live, Loud & with Friends) & going to the cinema.


Favourite Holiday: Desert Island preferably with a reef break!


Favourite Hot Dog:
Got to be the chilli dog – Love a hotdog with a bit of a kick.


Downtime: I love to play squash and burn off those calories at boot camp sessions. I am a chef by trade so when I get the chance I like to spend hours in the kitchen cooking for family and friends.


Favourite holiday: Has to be hot, has to have a massive pool, has to be relaxing and it has to be with my family!!



Favourite Hot Dog: Chilli dog, the hotter the better!


Downtime: Big Arsenal FC fan, love my music and always socialising with friends and family (with a beer or two of course).


Favourite holiday: USA all the way, plenty to do & see, great weather, fantastic food & drink and Mickey Mouse and co are never far away!



Favourite Hot Dog: Particularly fond of the Meister Gourmet hot dog with crispy onions sprinkled on top.


Downtime: Spending time with the family, and playing Basketball and Table Tennis in the garden when the weather is nice.


Favourite holiday: I love visiting anywhere that is hot so I can go swimming in the sea and Jet Skiing.



Favourite Hot Dog: Definitely our chilli dog I love spicy food!


Downtime: Baking, baking, and baking! Yeahhh I’m a foodie. Huge fan of art as well so always in for the latest exhibition. Could definitely spend more time reading especially classic French writers ;-) My life won’t be the same without its soundtrack: Arcade Fire, Rodrigo y Gabriella,… 


Favourite holiday: Sun + hammock + books + a glass of Pastis.



Favourite Hot Dog: Breakfast sausage… keeps you going all day!!


Downtime: I love teaching and participating in martial arts and when I am taking a break from that, I love a bit of online gaming… MAN DOWN!! TAKE COVER!! BAMBAMBAMBAMBAM!! GGOOOAAALL!!


Favourite holiday: Destination is not important… it’s all about the company ;)  

james hawkins
Favourite Hot Dog:
It has to be a Chilli Dog; although, Chilli and Cheese is a very close 2nd!


Downtime: I love my sport, either playing or watching. I’m not as young as I used to be, so a nice pub, friends and a few beers is a lot more appealing these days.


Favourite holiday: Maldives – It really was paradise. The pale white sand and clear blue seas is what I’d like every holiday to be like.

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